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Reservations to and from Disneyland Paris can be made by :

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    You can make a reservation for someone else as long as you specify the mobile phone number of the person travelling first, then that of the person ordering, so that they can be kept informed if necessary.  

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    • 4 Passengers (max)
    • 5-8 luggage depending on size
    • Onboard credit card terminal with invoice
    • Waiting for up to an hour and a half
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    • 7 Passengers (max)
    •7-15 luggage depending on size
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    •Wi-fi onboard
    Waiting for up to an hour and a half
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    At the heart of the Val d’Europe (a perimeter designed in the 1960s), which stretches over 20km and is only 52km from Paris Tour-Eiffel, DISNEYLAND PARIS is the first Disney park to be developed outside American soil, in Marne-la-Vallée (77200, France).

    The arrival of DISNEYLAND PARIS AND VAL D’EUROPE (formerly Euro Disney) in Europe was a major event, as it is Europe’s largest theme park, generating more than 12 million visitors and revitalizing the economy in this basin of French new towns. 

    Now over 35 years old and Europe’s leading tourist destination, it was on March 24, 1987 that the agreement for the creation and operation of the Euro Disneyland Paris project was signed. 

    To be as true to his vision as possible, famed producer Walt Disney (1901-1966) wanted to create a magical environment where adults and children could spend time together having fun, enjoying themselves, strolling and playing… with glitter in their eyes and hearts!

    Five years later, on April 12, 1992, the project saw the light of day in this attractive area of eastern Paris. Over time, emblematic franchises from the world of animation (Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars…) were added to the initial offering, and visitors enjoyed ever more original experiences in a splendid park dedicated to fun in the imaginary world so dear to Disney.

    Alongside this ultra-entertaining universe, with over 200 shows produced since 1992, nearly 16,000 cast members, and more than 500 professions represented, there is a real environmental policy.

    The Walt Disney Company‘s initiatives include the construction of one of Europe’s largest shaded photovoltaic power plants on the visitor parking lot, which will reduce the Val d’Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions by 890 tonnes of CO2 per year and produce enough renewable electricity to cover the equivalent of 17% of Disneyland Paris’ current consumption.


    You can get to Disneyland Paris by train, bus or plane. In fact, 177 trains, 6 buses and even 1 plane arrive at Parc Disneyland Paris every day.

    The exact address of DISNEYLAND PARIS VAL D’EUROPE is Boulevard du parc, 77700, COUPVRAY and the name of the station is MARNE LA VALLEE-CHESSY.

    RER A

    The quickest and easiest way to get to the heart of Disneyland Paris is to take the RER A, a journey of around 35 minutes from Nation station.

    With a total length of 109 kilometers, the RER A line serves 46 stations, crossing Paris from east to west. The line has been regularly expanded, most recently with the construction of Val D’Europe station, linking downtown Paris with the Disneyland Paris theme park.

    A one-way Île-de-France ticket from central Paris to Disney Park purchased at any Metro or RER station ticket office is valid for the entire trip and costs €5.

    The TGV/RER station is in the immediate vicinity of the bus station. Free yellow buses link the Station/Parks to the various Disney Hotels (except Disney Davy Crockett Ranch). The Val d’Europe bus network also serves Disneyland Paris.

    It’s worth pointing out that you can buy a 5-zone Paris Visite card, which gives you access to 1, 2 or 3 consecutive days of unlimited use of the Paris/Ile de France RATP public transport system.

    To get around Disneyland Paris, which covers more than 22 km2, the free Disneyland Paris shuttle serves all Disney Hotels and Disney Parks. For a trip from DISNEYLAND PARIS to Paris, the user will take the same routes but in the opposite direction.

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